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Results found : 130681

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Region name
Last update
earthquake2015-09-03   21:00:40.033min ago29.88 S  71.64 W  20ML3.2 OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE2015-09-03 21:12
earthquake2015-09-03   19:52:21.51hr 42min ago33.36 N  140.02 E  120mb4.9 IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION2015-09-03 21:26
earthquake2015-09-03   19:25:50.52hr 08min ago45.71 N  26.65 E  133ML3.0 ROMANIA2015-09-03 21:22
earthquake2015-09-03   19:14:23.02hr 20min ago29.72 S  71.23 W  47ML3.6 COQUIMBO, CHILE2015-09-03 19:32
earthquake2015-09-03   18:04:40.23hr 29min ago51.93 N  175.74 W  70mb4.3 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.2015-09-03 18:17
20IVearthquake2015-09-03   17:57:46.33hr 36min ago27.44 N  75.48 E  2mb4.1 RAJASTHAN, INDIA2015-09-03 19:06
earthquake2015-09-03   16:51:46.94hr 42min ago37.15 N  143.60 E  2mb5.5 OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN2015-09-03 17:15
earthquake2015-09-03   16:11:01.25hr 23min ago39.40 N  43.92 E  2ML3.3 EASTERN TURKEY2015-09-03 17:14
earthquake2015-09-03   15:43:12.65hr 51min ago35.92 N  31.69 E  30ML3.0 CYPRUS REGION2015-09-03 16:03
earthquake2015-09-03   15:30:55.16hr 03min ago52.34 N  89.51 E  60mb4.4 SOUTHWESTERN SIBERIA, RUSSIA2015-09-03 20:08
earthquake2015-09-03   14:24:08.47hr 10min ago23.16 S  68.14 W  134mb4.6 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE2015-09-03 14:43
2Fearthquake2015-09-03   13:37:59.27hr 56min ago36.72 S  72.73 W  60ML4.9 BIO-BIO, CHILE2015-09-03 14:21
earthquake2015-09-03   13:24:00.98hr 10min ago2.09 N  126.70 E  60mb5.6 MOLUCCA SEA2015-09-03 13:41
earthquake2015-09-03   12:24:33.89hr 10min ago41.45 S  85.70 W  10mb4.8 WEST CHILE RISE2015-09-03 14:48
earthquake2015-09-03   12:14:12.79hr 20min ago19.59 N  64.32 W  67Md3.4 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION2015-09-03 12:33
earthquake2015-09-03   12:08:30.29hr 26min ago18.70 N  65.04 W  75Md3.2 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION2015-09-03 17:43
earthquake2015-09-03   11:32:50.410hr 01min ago19.54 N  66.39 W  40Mb3.3 PUERTO RICO REGION2015-09-03 17:49
earthquake2015-09-03   11:17:50.010hr 16min ago18.01 N  68.23 W  96Md3.3 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC REGION2015-09-03 17:42
earthquake2015-09-03   11:10:15.810hr 24min ago39.40 N  43.88 E  2ML3.6 EASTERN TURKEY2015-09-03 14:44
earthquake2015-09-03   10:14:45.411hr 19min ago31.15 N  141.88 E  10mb4.7 IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION2015-09-03 14:43
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world