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Nearby cities

earthquake2014-08-01   04:38:06.71hr 05min ago9ML4.1 TAIWAN
  25 km Yilan
  52 km Taipei
earthquake2014-08-01   04:26:41.71hr 16min ago2mb4.6 WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN SEA
  29 km ’Aïn Benian
  33 km Algiers
earthquake2014-08-01   04:13:03.01hr 30min ago61ML2.6 SPAIN
  17 km Elvas
  55 km Mérida
earthquake2014-08-01   04:12:59.01hr 30min ago5ML3.4 NEAR SOUTH COAST OF FRANCE
   8 km Annot
  41 km Digne-les-Bains
earthquake2014-08-01   04:11:17.31hr 32min ago10Mw5.6 NORTHERN ALGERIA
 637 km Andorra la Vella
 627 km Tunis
earthquake2014-08-01   03:10:04.92hr 33min ago5mb4.9 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
  63 km Meulaboh
 169 km Banda Aceh
earthquake2014-08-01   02:32:53.73hr 10min ago3ML4.0 TAIWAN
  45 km Taitung City
  79 km Douliu
earthquake2014-08-01   02:25:50.53hr 17min ago2ML2.3 FRANCE
   5 km Lézignan-Corbières
  33 km Carcassonne
earthquake2014-08-01   01:24:05.04hr 19min ago6ML2.1 ALBANIA
  13 km Kurbnesh
  22 km Peshkopi
earthquake2014-08-01   01:18:32.64hr 25min ago5Md2.3 PUERTO RICO REGION
  13 km Guánica
  63 km Aguada
earthquake2014-08-01   00:59:22.24hr 44min ago5ML2.8 ALBANIA
   6 km Fushë-Arrëz
  30 km Kukës
earthquake2014-08-01   00:35:32.45hr 08min ago6ML2.6 CENTRAL ITALY
  11 km Gambassi Terme
  29 km Siena
earthquake2014-08-01   00:10:54.55hr 32min ago225mb4.4 SOUTHERN PERU
  24 km Santa Lucía
  43 km Puno
earthquake2014-07-31   23:32:09.76hr 11min ago2mb4.6 NORTHERN PERU
  37 km Soritor
  49 km Moyobamba
earthquake2014-07-31   23:28:20.36hr 15min ago2mb3.2 OKLAHOMA
  29 km Enid
 119 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2014-07-31   23:28:18.96hr 15min ago4ML2.4 SAN PEDRO CHANNEL, CALIFORNIA
   7 km San Pedro
  43 km Los Angeles
earthquake2014-07-31   23:23:54.56hr 19min ago2ML3.2 ALBANIA
  12 km Berat
  71 km Tirana
earthquake2014-07-31   22:42:29.07hr 01min ago3ML2.6 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
   6 km Big Bear City
  50 km San Bernardino
earthquake2014-07-31   21:11:49.48hr 31min ago11ML2.5 AEGEAN SEA
  31 km Míthymna
  43 km Bozcaada
earthquake2014-07-31   21:04:39.08hr 39min ago24ML3.7 OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE
  36 km Coquimbo
  45 km La Serena
earthquake2014-07-31   20:40:51.19hr 02min ago80ML4.7 COQUIMBO, CHILE
  16 km Salamanca
 145 km Valparaíso
earthquake2014-07-31   20:29:06.89hr 14min ago60M 4.6 CASPIAN SEA
  66 km Derbent
 120 km Makhachkala
earthquake2014-07-31   20:12:52.19hr 30min ago12ML2.9 STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR
  21 km Melilla
 243 km Gibraltar
earthquake2014-07-31   20:06:58.99hr 36min ago10ML3.8 SOUTHERN IRAN
  46 km Kīsh
 208 km Dubai
earthquake2014-07-31   19:53:45.39hr 49min ago75ML4.0 STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR
 498 km Lisbon
 272 km Rabat
earthquake2014-07-31   18:39:46.011hr 03min ago37ML3.7 OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE
  74 km Iquique
 530 km La Paz
earthquake2014-07-31   18:10:01.511hr 33min ago119mb5.0 ROTA REGION, N. MARIANA ISLANDS
2656 km Manila
2377 km Tokyo
earthquake2014-07-31   18:09:15.511hr 34min ago80mb5.0 SOUTHERN PERU
  32 km Arequipa
 330 km La Paz
earthquake2014-07-31   18:01:09.811hr 42min ago8ML2.4 GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIF.
   6 km Fontana
  15 km San Bernardino
earthquake2014-07-31   17:56:50.711hr 46min ago1Md2.9 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
  12 km Incline Village
  25 km Reno
earthquake2014-07-31   17:38:43.510mb5.4 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
4102 km Santiago
3302 km Buenos Aires
earthquake2014-07-31   17:33:37.030mb5.1 ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
 312 km Dawei
 460 km Rangoon
earthquake2014-07-31   17:14:25.615M 4.0 STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR
  18 km Melilla
 240 km Gibraltar
earthquake2014-07-31   16:55:58.220ML3.9 OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE
  63 km Iquique
 514 km La Paz
earthquake2014-07-31   16:26:29.014ML3.3 AZORES ISLANDS REGION
 155 km Furnas
1343 km Lisbon
earthquake2014-07-31   15:56:32.640mb5.0 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
4115 km Santiago
3310 km Buenos Aires
earthquake2014-07-31   14:54:23.312ML2.6 EASTERN TURKEY
  22 km Erciş
  45 km Van
earthquake2014-07-31   13:41:06.12ML3.8 TAIWAN
  43 km Taitung City
  80 km Douliu
earthquake2014-07-31   13:41:01.510Mw5.8 ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
 278 km Port Blair
 503 km Rangoon
earthquake2014-07-31   13:36:44.41ML1.6 SWITZERLAND
   4 km Leibstadt
   8 km Laufenburg
earthquake2014-07-31   13:05:12.4204M 4.5 FLORES REGION, INDONESIA
  85 km Maumere
 241 km Kupang
earthquake2014-07-31   11:36:49.057ML3.2 COQUIMBO, CHILE
   6 km La Serena
 403 km Santiago
earthquake2014-07-31   10:44:48.421ML2.0 CRETE, GREECE
  70 km Ayía Galíni
  82 km Réthymnon
earthquake2014-07-31   10:42:15.25ML3.8 OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE
  70 km Iquique
 522 km La Paz
earthquake2014-07-31   10:41:05.019ML2.4 CRETE, GREECE
  88 km Ayía Galíni
 108 km Réthymnon
earthquake2014-07-31   10:40:07.62ML2.4 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  26 km Barstow
 116 km San Bernardino
earthquake2014-07-31   10:21:12.934M 5.1 SOUTH OF TONGA
 448 km ‘Ohonua
 468 km Nuku‘alofa
earthquake2014-07-31   09:04:14.819ML2.5 CYPRUS REGION
  57 km Gazipaşa
 124 km Paphos
earthquake2014-07-31   08:55:52.513ML3.0 EASTERN TURKEY
  11 km Otlukbeli
  41 km Bayburt
earthquake2014-07-31   08:42:07.110ML2.1 SICILY, ITALY
  29 km Portopalo di Capo Passero
  52 km Ragusa
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world