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earthquake2014-09-02   01:19:14.041min ago39ML3.1 OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE
  40 km Iquique
 490 km La Paz
earthquake2014-09-02   00:54:58.41hr 06min ago2M 3.6 DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE
  47 km Kárpathos
 108 km Ródos
earthquake2014-09-02   00:43:04.61hr 18min ago14ML2.6 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
   9 km Calexico
  10 km Mexicali
earthquake2014-09-02   00:41:21.71hr 19min ago50mb4.4 OFFSHORE GUATEMALA
  30 km Puerto San José
  67 km Escuintla
earthquake2014-09-02   00:26:14.51hr 34min ago10ML2.5 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
   9 km Calexico
   9 km Mexicali
earthquake2014-09-02   00:24:40.01hr 36min ago41ML3.6 OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE
  41 km Iquique
 492 km La Paz
earthquake2014-09-01   22:55:51.43hr 05min ago59mb4.3 OFFSHORE GUATEMALA
  44 km Puerto San José
  85 km Escuintla
earthquake2014-09-01   22:55:22.33hr 05min ago60mb5.2 NEAR COAST OF SOUTHERN PERU
  22 km Minas de Marcona
 138 km Ica
earthquake2014-09-01   22:15:40.03hr 45min ago66ML2.8 ROMANIA
   3 km Paltin
  36 km Focşani
earthquake2014-09-01   22:12:00.73hr 49min ago10mb4.6 SOUTHEAST INDIAN RIDGE
4806 km Dili
4725 km Jakarta
earthquake2014-09-01   21:38:58.84hr 22min ago13ML2.0 CENTRAL ITALY
  24 km Maltignano
  47 km Terni
earthquake2014-09-01   21:05:34.64hr 55min ago126ML4.1 LA PAZ, BOLIVIA
  58 km Tarata
 107 km Tacna
earthquake2014-09-01   20:50:11.55hr 10min ago23Mc4.1 LEBANON - SYRIA REGION
  19 km Baalbek
  62 km Beirut
earthquake2014-09-01   20:41:31.05hr 19min ago42ML3.4 OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE
  49 km Iquique
 470 km La Paz
earthquake2014-09-01   20:15:00.65hr 46min ago7MD2.5 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
   5 km Yountville
  11 km Napa
earthquake2014-09-01   20:10:05.05hr 51min ago10mb4.1 RUSSIA-MONGOLIA BORDER REGION
  16 km Bayangol
 174 km Irkutsk
earthquake2014-09-01   19:55:24.16hr 05min ago5Md2.3 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
  23 km Inverness
  51 km San Rafael
earthquake2014-09-01   18:58:33.37hr 02min ago10Mw4.6 SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA
 229 km Banjar
 246 km Tasikmalaya
earthquake2014-09-01   18:54:56.97hr 06min ago2Mw4.6 SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
  10 km Lahat
 135 km Bengkulu
earthquake2014-09-01   17:40:08.08hr 20min ago18ML2.0 WEST OF GIBRALTAR
  78 km Sagres
 164 km Faro
earthquake2014-09-01   17:02:43.08hr 58min ago116M 4.8 MOLUCCA SEA
 146 km Tobelo
 235 km Manado
earthquake2014-09-01   16:42:52.29hr 18min ago2M 3.9 KERKIRA REGION, GREECE
  77 km Agios Georgis
  87 km Kérkyra
earthquake2014-09-01   16:36:57.89hr 24min ago6MD2.4 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
  15 km Hollister
 178 km Sacramento
earthquake2014-09-01   16:27:31.69hr 33min ago182mb4.2 MINDORO, PHILIPPINES
  14 km Tingloy
  57 km Calapan
earthquake2014-09-01   16:10:37.49hr 50min ago5ML3.5 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
  15 km Hollister
 178 km Sacramento
earthquake2014-09-01   15:58:53.710hr 02min ago12mb4.0 CAUCASUS REGION, RUSSIA
   6 km Goragorskiy
  59 km Groznyy
earthquake2014-09-01   14:36:30.311hr 24min ago12Mw3.4 WESTERN TURKEY
  22 km Çanakkale
 193 km İzmir
earthquake2014-09-01   14:07:27.011hr 53min ago5ML3.6 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL
1766 km Lisbon
earthquake2014-09-01   13:07:50.411Md2.3 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
 123 km San Juan
  54 km Road Town
earthquake2014-09-01   12:58:10.210ML3.7 NORTHEASTERN IRAN
  13 km Chenārān
  49 km Mashhad
earthquake2014-09-01   12:58:00.22ML3.8 OFF COAST OF ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
 170 km Copiapó
 830 km Santiago
earthquake2014-09-01   12:11:29.0259mb4.7 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
 187 km Sola
 621 km Port-Vila
earthquake2014-09-01   12:01:29.62ML2.9 DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE
  46 km Kárpathos
 155 km Ródos
earthquake2014-09-01   11:46:49.63mb3.1 OKLAHOMA
  15 km Perry
  81 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2014-09-01   11:41:09.94Mw5.5 ICELAND
 221 km Reykjavík
earthquake2014-09-01   11:34:41.22Mw4.9 SUCRE, VENEZUELA
  43 km Carúpano
  70 km Cumaná
earthquake2014-09-01   11:31:40.0118ML3.0 TARAPACA, CHILE
 143 km Calama
 175 km Iquique
earthquake2014-09-01   10:36:28.66ML2.5 EASTERN TURKEY
  23 km Yedisu
  39 km Bingöl
earthquake2014-09-01   10:19:39.713ML2.6 CENTRAL TURKEY
  28 km Yozgat
 160 km Ankara
earthquake2014-09-01   09:57:50.323Md2.3 MONA PASSAGE, PUERTO RICO
   7 km Rincón
   5 km Aguada
earthquake2014-09-01   09:33:13.2126ML2.9 SICILY, ITALY
  25 km Messina
 110 km Catanzaro
earthquake2014-09-01   09:07:13.653mb4.8 NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA
  88 km Jiquilillo
 101 km Chinandega
earthquake2014-09-01   09:00:27.593ML2.4 SICILY, ITALY
  43 km Vibo Valentia
  88 km Catanzaro
earthquake2014-09-01   08:58:13.75Mw4.7 ICELAND
 213 km Reykjavík
earthquake2014-09-01   08:43:57.71ML2.3 IONIAN SEA
  39 km Mouzaki
  48 km Zákynthos
earthquake2014-09-01   08:43:01.444ML2.1 CYPRUS REGION
   1 km Akhyritou
  46 km Nicosia
earthquake2014-09-01   08:31:13.0144ML3.8 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
 108 km Calama
 232 km Iquique
earthquake2014-09-01   08:22:25.096ML3.6 ATACAMA, CHILE
  26 km Copiapó
 686 km Santiago
earthquake2014-09-01   07:46:48.810ML2.3 FYR OF MACEDONIA
   2 km Pehčevo
 109 km Sofia
earthquake2014-09-01   07:46:12.0106ML3.4 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
 148 km Iquique
 435 km Sucre
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world