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Nearby cities

earthquake2015-05-21   12:03:56.035ML4.1 OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE
  78 km Iquique
 503 km La Paz
earthquake2015-05-21   11:41:18.035ML3.1 OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE
  74 km Ovalle
 126 km La Serena
earthquake2015-05-21   11:35:58.28ML3.1 GREECE
  20 km Corinth
  76 km Athens
earthquake2015-05-21   11:31:35.521ML2.2 SOUTHERN ITALY
  46 km Foggia
 102 km Bari
earthquake2015-05-21   11:05:07.0100ML3.4 TARAPACA, CHILE
 147 km Iquique
 439 km Sucre
earthquake2015-05-21   11:03:16.89ML2.2 CENTRAL ITALY
   9 km Rieti
  66 km Roma
earthquake2015-05-21   11:03:15.74ML3.3 OKLAHOMA
   5 km Langston
  21 km Stillwater
earthquake2015-05-21   10:50:30.37ML2.5 CENTRAL TURKEY
   7 km Altınyayla
  61 km Sivas
earthquake2015-05-21   10:45:02.44ML2.4 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  13 km Calipatria
  43 km El Centro
earthquake2015-05-21   10:44:53.326Md2.4 PUERTO RICO REGION
  15 km Jobos
  70 km San Juan
earthquake2015-05-21   10:37:33.825ML2.1 CENTRAL TURKEY
  26 km Emirgazi
  51 km Niğde
earthquake2015-05-21   09:54:56.512ML2.5 CENTRAL TURKEY
   8 km Talas
  16 km Kayseri
earthquake2015-05-21   09:50:45.811ML3.5 SOUTHERN GREECE
  41 km Géfyra
  97 km Sparta
earthquake2015-05-21   09:33:44.824ML3.4 CENTRAL ITALY
  30 km Macerata
  63 km Ancona
earthquake2015-05-21   09:33:05.510M 5.0 TONGA
  90 km ‘Ohonua
 121 km Nuku‘alofa
earthquake2015-05-21   09:11:00.010ML4.0 NEPAL
 681 km Dhaka
 416 km Thimphu
earthquake2015-05-21   09:02:50.263Md2.5 PUERTO RICO REGION
  38 km Luquillo
  64 km San Juan
earthquake2015-05-21   08:53:49.115ML2.6 GREECE
  13 km Pátra
 183 km Athens
earthquake2015-05-21   08:49:14.822ML2.1 WESTERN TURKEY
  24 km Milas
  41 km Muğla
earthquake2015-05-21   08:38:53.817ML2.3 GREECE
  12 km Pátra
 181 km Athens
earthquake2015-05-21   08:27:43.05ML2.5 WESTERN TURKEY
  18 km Savaştepe
  30 km Balıkesir
earthquake2015-05-21   08:26:00.010ML4.2 NEPAL
  38 km Kodāri
 100 km Kathmandu
earthquake2015-05-21   07:44:07.64ML2.0 CENTRAL TURKEY
   8 km Aksaray
 193 km Adana
earthquake2015-05-21   06:38:40.62ML2.0 CENTRAL TURKEY
  21 km Yeşilhisar
  33 km Kayseri
earthquake2015-05-21   06:31:09.38ML2.7 CRETE, GREECE
  77 km Palaiochóra
 109 km Chaniá
earthquake2015-05-21   06:13:41.816ML3.6 EASTERN TURKEY
  43 km Van
 169 km Yerevan
earthquake2015-05-21   06:03:59.9118mb4.6 SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA
  93 km Los Andes
 156 km Santiago
earthquake2015-05-21   05:45:09.328Md3.1 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
 168 km San Juan
  89 km Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands
earthquake2015-05-21   05:27:55.013ML2.8 GREECE
  20 km Argostólion
 108 km Pátra
earthquake2015-05-21   05:15:41.92ML3.5 CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN SEA
 122 km Koróni
 149 km Kalamáta
earthquake2015-05-21   05:14:41.167mb4.2 OFFSHORE GUATEMALA
  22 km La Gomera
  41 km La Democracia
earthquake2015-05-21   05:12:42.51ML2.6 CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN SEA
 100 km Koróni
 126 km Kalamáta
earthquake2015-05-21   05:06:12.93ML3.3 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  14 km Calipatria
  43 km El Centro
earthquake2015-05-21   04:57:38.620ML3.5 SOUTHERN IRAN
  63 km Gerāsh
 255 km Shīrāz
earthquake2015-05-21   04:49:41.02ML2.4 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  13 km Calipatria
  42 km El Centro
earthquake2015-05-21   04:45:48.86ML2.2 ALBANIA
  13 km Дебар
  53 km Tirana
earthquake2015-05-21   04:39:41.710mb4.4 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS REGION
 244 km Kirakira
 484 km Honiara
earthquake2015-05-21   04:33:08.11ML2.3 CRETE, GREECE
  48 km Palaíkastron
  97 km Ágios Nikólaos
earthquake2015-05-21   04:12:02.75mb2.8 OKLAHOMA
   6 km Helena
  21 km Cherokee
earthquake2015-05-21   03:52:23.64ML2.6 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  13 km Calipatria
  43 km El Centro
earthquake2015-05-21   03:52:16.747Md2.4 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
 157 km San Juan
  54 km Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands
earthquake2015-05-21   03:51:02.02ML3.2 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  13 km Calipatria
  42 km El Centro
earthquake2015-05-21   03:34:51.76ML2.4 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  13 km Calipatria
  43 km El Centro
earthquake2015-05-21   03:19:18.02ML2.8 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  13 km Calipatria
  42 km El Centro
earthquake2015-05-21   03:18:07.66ML2.9 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  12 km Calipatria
  41 km El Centro
earthquake2015-05-21   03:15:29.71Mw4.1 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  13 km Calipatria
  42 km El Centro
earthquake2015-05-21   03:05:30.9264ML3.3 SOUTHERN ITALY
  73 km Cosenza
 106 km Potenza
earthquake2015-05-21   03:02:34.413ML2.2 TURKEY-IRAN BORDER REGION
  15 km Khvoy
  71 km Özalp
earthquake2015-05-21   02:56:44.045ML3.5 OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE
  74 km Ovalle
 126 km La Serena
earthquake2015-05-21   02:48:31.012ML2.0 WESTERN TURKEY
   5 km Bozkurt
  37 km Yeşilova
earthquake2015-05-21   02:44:40.0133mb4.7 HALMAHERA, INDONESIA
 140 km Tobelo
 401 km Manado
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world