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earthquake2015-05-09   13:24:47.478M 4.8 BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.G.
 115 km Panguna
 408 km Kokopo
earthquake2015-05-09   13:08:49.640mb5.0 BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.G.
 158 km Panguna
 445 km Kokopo
earthquake2015-05-09   13:05:18.21MD2.3 NEVADA
  64 km Lakeview
 293 km Carson City
earthquake2015-05-09   12:38:47.230mb4.6 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
 142 km Kokopo
 712 km Port Moresby
earthquake2015-05-09   12:27:43.88ML3.1 GREECE
  17 km Argostólion
 119 km Pátra
earthquake2015-05-09   12:18:48.39ML4.5 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
  14 km Pāhala
  84 km Hilo
earthquake2015-05-09   12:12:15.42ML2.4 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   7 km Volcano
  43 km Hilo
earthquake2015-05-09   11:30:54.0127mb4.9 VANUATU
1055 km Suva
 533 km Nouméa
earthquake2015-05-09   11:22:24.810ML2.0 DODECANESE IS.-TURKEY BORDER REG
  22 km Marmaris
  36 km Ródos
earthquake2015-05-09   11:14:27.940Mw5.4 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
 168 km Kimbe
 633 km Port Moresby
earthquake2015-05-09   11:08:07.27ML2.2 DODECANESE IS.-TURKEY BORDER REG
  23 km Marmaris
  39 km Ródos
earthquake2015-05-09   10:30:28.010ML2.7 FRANCE
   6 km Plaudren
  12 km Vannes
earthquake2015-05-09   10:15:48.620mb4.1 SOUTHERN ALASKA
  46 km Valdez
 132 km Palmer
earthquake2015-05-09   10:12:10.022ML3.7 SOUTHERN IRAN
 455 km Doha
 400 km Kuwait
earthquake2015-05-09   09:58:50.14ML2.0 CENTRAL TURKEY
   6 km Nurdağı
  61 km Gaziantep
earthquake2015-05-09   09:42:35.910Mw5.3 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
 143 km Kokopo
 720 km Port Moresby
earthquake2015-05-09   09:42:14.12ML2.3 EASTERN TURKEY
   9 km Bozova
  23 km Şanlıurfa
earthquake2015-05-09   09:41:47.240Md2.7 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
 173 km Marigot
 128 km Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands
earthquake2015-05-09   09:29:58.810ML2.6 FYR OF MACEDONIA
  16 km Ростуша
  67 km Skopje
earthquake2015-05-09   09:13:17.27ML2.4 NEAR THE COAST OF WESTERN TURKEY
   7 km Míthymna
  47 km Mytilíni
earthquake2015-05-09   08:22:42.0212mb4.8 SICILY, ITALY
  45 km Messina
 111 km Catanzaro
earthquake2015-05-09   07:07:42.45ML2.8 CENTRAL TURKEY
  15 km Azdavay
  58 km Kastamonu
earthquake2015-05-09   06:57:12.33ML2.3 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   7 km Volcano
  42 km Hilo
earthquake2015-05-09   06:38:17.8169ML2.2 SICILY, ITALY
  53 km Vibo Valentia
  99 km Catanzaro
earthquake2015-05-09   06:33:41.56ML3.0 SOUTHERN IDAHO
  55 km Challis
 133 km Boise
earthquake2015-05-09   06:18:32.53ML2.6 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
  36 km Searles Valley
 147 km Bakersfield
earthquake2015-05-09   06:04:15.210mb4.8 BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.G.
  52 km Panguna
 421 km Kokopo
earthquake2015-05-09   05:48:41.65ML2.7 TURKEY-IRAN BORDER REGION
  42 km Özalp
  97 km Van
earthquake2015-05-09   05:45:31.734mb4.5 TONGA
 182 km Gataivai
 226 km Apia
earthquake2015-05-09   05:35:58.05mb2.8 OKLAHOMA
  10 km Perry
  90 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2015-05-09   04:31:15.17ML3.3 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
  11 km Čapljina
  52 km Dubrovnik
earthquake2015-05-09   04:18:56.330mb4.6 D'ENTRECASTEAUX ISLANDS REGION
 487 km Kimbe
 515 km Port Moresby
earthquake2015-05-09   03:27:31.460mb5.1 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
 145 km Kokopo
 711 km Port Moresby
earthquake2015-05-09   03:08:16.74ML2.1 SOUTHERN GREECE
  79 km Methóni
 113 km Kalamáta
earthquake2015-05-09   02:50:36.85ML2.8 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
  14 km Livno
  66 km Split
earthquake2015-05-09   02:24:33.510ML2.3 DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE
  23 km Kárpathos
 130 km Ródos
earthquake2015-05-09   02:22:21.510ML2.0 TURKEY-IRAN BORDER REGION
  45 km Özalp
  97 km Van
earthquake2015-05-09   02:22:07.120ML2.8 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
  13 km Alberto Oviedo Mota
  66 km Mexicali
earthquake2015-05-09   02:09:18.467mb4.4 TONGA
 248 km Neiafu
 360 km Apia
earthquake2015-05-09   02:07:47.8158ML2.3 SICILY, ITALY
  43 km Vibo Valentia
  88 km Catanzaro
earthquake2015-05-09   01:58:43.412ML2.4 GREECE
   5 km Krókos
   5 km Kozáni
earthquake2015-05-09   01:55:51.611ML2.4 GREECE
   6 km Krókos
   5 km Kozáni
earthquake2015-05-09   01:14:58.913ML2.1 SOUTHERN GREECE
   4 km Varvásaina
   2 km Pýrgos
earthquake2015-05-09   01:03:59.17ML2.3 ALBANIA
  17 km Maliq
  28 km Korçë
earthquake2015-05-09   00:58:29.35ML2.1 TURKEY-IRAN BORDER REGION
  41 km Özalp
  90 km Van
earthquake2015-05-09   00:33:41.852mb3.6 WEST OF GIBRALTAR
  89 km Sagres
 175 km Faro
earthquake2015-05-08   23:19:04.03mb3.1 OKLAHOMA
  10 km Stillwater
  73 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2015-05-08   23:05:02.37mb3.2 OKLAHOMA
  25 km Mooreland
  39 km Alva
earthquake2015-05-08   22:36:19.0324ML4.3 JUJUY, ARGENTINA
 107 km Abra Pampa
 231 km Tarija
earthquake2015-05-08   21:51:36.726ML2.3 SICILY, ITALY
  16 km Letojanni
  29 km Reggio di Calabria
earthquake2015-05-08   21:51:04.95ML2.2 TURKEY-IRAN BORDER REGION
  40 km Salmās
  46 km Özalp
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world