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earthquake2017-03-30   15:40:04.71hr 05min ago528mb4.9 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
1342 km Apia
 617 km Suva
earthquake2017-03-30   14:48:30.61hr 57min ago5mb2.8 OKLAHOMA
  21 km Perry
  90 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2017-03-30   14:44:58.52hr 00min ago43mb3.7 ALASKA PENINSULA
 421 km Akutan
2541 km Vancouver
earthquake2017-03-30   13:58:57.02hr 46min ago254ML3.7 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
  84 km San Pedro de Atacama
 247 km San Salvador de Jujuy
earthquake2017-03-30   13:13:55.03hr 32min ago212ML3.0 SOUTHERN PERU
  64 km Pujocucho
  89 km Puno
earthquake2017-03-30   13:13:08.13hr 32min ago10mb5.4 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
4145 km Santiago
3346 km Buenos Aires
earthquake2017-03-30   12:25:31.04hr 20min ago10ML2.8 CENTRAL ITALY
  27 km Terni
  46 km Perugia
earthquake2017-03-30   12:08:05.54hr 37min ago15ML2.3 IONIAN SEA
  18 km Zákynthos
  80 km Pátra
earthquake2017-03-30   11:55:13.14hr 50min ago9ML2.0 CENTRAL ITALY
  40 km Macerata
  55 km Perugia
earthquake2017-03-30   11:45:31.55hr 00min ago156ML3.5 SOUTHERN ALASKA
  91 km Anchor Point
 226 km Anchorage
earthquake2017-03-30   11:11:56.05hr 33min ago8 M2.5 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
  62 km Camalú
 156 km Mexicali
earthquake2017-03-30   10:48:12.75hr 57min ago8ML2.4 CENTRAL ITALY
  28 km Terni
  45 km Perugia
earthquake2017-03-30   10:38:55.06hr 07min ago6 M3.3 OAXACA, MEXICO
  21 km Cuajinicuilapa
 183 km Oaxaca de Juárez
earthquake2017-03-30   10:30:47.66hr 15min ago5ML2.8 EASTERN TURKEY
   8 km Refahiye
  72 km Erzincan
earthquake2017-03-30   10:08:44.16hr 37min ago18ML2.1 EASTERN TURKEY
  14 km Ahlat
  86 km Van
earthquake2017-03-30   09:57:10.86hr 48min ago45ML2.4 DODECANESE IS.-TURKEY BORDER REG
  21 km Ródos
  69 km Muğla
earthquake2017-03-30   09:56:03.06hr 49min ago8 M2.7 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
  62 km Camalú
 156 km Mexicali
earthquake2017-03-30   09:31:19.47hr 14min ago30Md3.3 PUERTO RICO REGION
 127 km San Juan
 105 km Road Town, Virgin Islands
earthquake2017-03-30   09:13:47.07hr 32min ago99ML3.2 MAULE, CHILE
  21 km Molina
  63 km Talca
earthquake2017-03-30   09:09:58.37hr 35min ago9ML3.0 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  14 km Muscoy
  21 km San Bernardino
earthquake2017-03-30   09:07:21.07hr 38min ago10 M4.3 OFF COAST OF JALISCO, MEXICO
 181 km San Patricio
 277 km Colima
earthquake2017-03-30   09:06:21.57hr 39min ago10mb4.7 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE
  54 km Arauco
  84 km Concepción
earthquake2017-03-30   09:03:59.87hr 41min ago55mb4.7 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
 136 km Kokopo
 675 km Port Moresby
earthquake2017-03-30   08:56:13.37hr 49min ago10ML2.2 WESTERN TURKEY
  14 km Tavşanlı
  68 km Bursa
earthquake2017-03-30   08:55:05.07hr 50min ago13 M3.6 OFFSHORE OAXACA, MEXICO
  37 km Santiago Jamiltepec
 172 km Oaxaca de Juárez
earthquake2017-03-30   08:51:09.57hr 54min ago68mb4.9 SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
  63 km Bengkulu
 309 km Palembang
earthquake2017-03-30   08:32:49.78hr 13min ago5mb2.9 KANSAS
   9 km Belle Plaine
  12 km Wellington
earthquake2017-03-30   08:25:29.98hr 20min ago5ML2.1 WESTERN TURKEY
  15 km Tavşanlı
  67 km Bursa
earthquake2017-03-30   08:20:11.08hr 25min ago25ML3.6 OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE
  87 km Illapel
 159 km Valparaíso
earthquake2017-03-30   08:06:24.78hr 39min ago5ML2.2 CENTRAL TURKEY
  28 km Kangal
  84 km Sivas
earthquake2017-03-30   07:57:21.48hr 48min ago30mb5.3 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
 138 km Kokopo
 671 km Port Moresby
earthquake2017-03-30   07:54:29.38hr 51min ago4ML2.6 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
   5 km Olovo
  33 km Sarajevo
earthquake2017-03-30   07:10:28.09hr 35min ago70ML4.1 TARAPACA, CHILE
  85 km Arica
 352 km La Paz, Bolivia
earthquake2017-03-30   07:03:46.89hr 42min ago5ML2.3 WESTERN TURKEY
   4 km Gemlik
  26 km Bursa
earthquake2017-03-30   06:50:41.09hr 55min ago16 M3.6 OFFSHORE GUERRERO, MEXICO
  63 km Tecoanapa
 196 km Chilpancingo de los Bravos
earthquake2017-03-30   06:48:23.99hr 57min ago10mb5.1 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE
  57 km Arauco
  84 km Concepción
earthquake2017-03-30   06:41:17.710hr 04min ago10ML2.1 NEAR THE COAST OF WESTERN TURKEY
  20 km Behram
  23 km Ayvacık
earthquake2017-03-30   06:40:14.010hr 05min ago28 M3.0 OAXACA, MEXICO
   9 km San Gabriel Mixtepec
 123 km Oaxaca de Juárez
earthquake2017-03-30   06:10:34.310hr 35min ago15ML2.5 FRANCE
   7 km La Chambre
  38 km Chambéry
earthquake2017-03-30   06:00:48.110hr 45min ago8ML2.0 WESTERN TURKEY
  23 km Senirkent
  51 km Afyonkarahisar
earthquake2017-03-30   05:33:38.911hr 12min ago5ML2.4 WESTERN TURKEY
  24 km Bolu
 135 km Ankara
earthquake2017-03-30   05:29:13.011hr 16min ago17 M3.7 OAXACA, MEXICO
  23 km San Miguel Panixtlahuaca
 135 km Oaxaca de Juárez
earthquake2017-03-30   05:25:14.811hr 20min ago10ML2.0 SICILY, ITALY
  30 km Catania
 183 km Catanzaro
earthquake2017-03-30   05:24:50.011hr 21min ago16 M3.6 OAXACA, MEXICO
  27 km San Miguel Panixtlahuaca
 139 km Oaxaca de Juárez
earthquake2017-03-30   05:12:27.311hr 33min ago54ML4.2 CRETE, GREECE
  34 km Tympáki
  67 km Irákleion
earthquake2017-03-30   04:59:34.011hr 46min ago65Md3.3 PUERTO RICO REGION
  40 km Culebra
  42 km Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands
earthquake2017-03-30   04:39:08.635Md3.2 PUERTO RICO REGION
  55 km Carrizales
  84 km San Juan
earthquake2017-03-30   04:25:54.62ML2.4 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
   9 km Kočerin
  88 km Sarajevo
earthquake2017-03-30   04:06:07.610ML2.2 WESTERN TURKEY
  22 km Nallıhan
  70 km Bolu
earthquake2017-03-30   04:05:29.010 M4.3 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
  81 km Higuera de Zaragoza
 174 km La Paz
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world