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earthquake2015-02-17   22:07:39.616ML2.1 NORTHERN ITALY
  33 km Bologna
 224 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   21:57:20.088ML2.8 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
 109 km Calama
 182 km Iquique
earthquake2015-02-17   21:57:19.98ML2.4 NORTHERN ITALY
  14 km Taviano
  48 km Bologna
earthquake2015-02-17   21:56:00.72MD2.3 NEVADA
  68 km Lakeview
 298 km Carson City
earthquake2015-02-17   21:54:44.211ML2.0 NORTHERN ITALY
  34 km Bologna
 226 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   21:53:33.016ML2.1 GREECE
  16 km Pátra
 182 km Athens
earthquake2015-02-17   21:40:48.311ML2.0 NORTHERN ITALY
  33 km Bologna
 225 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   21:24:02.316ML2.7 DODECANESE IS.-TURKEY BORDER REG
  68 km Kárpathos
 109 km Ródos
earthquake2015-02-17   21:11:00.49ML2.1 NORTHERN ITALY
  34 km Bologna
 226 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   21:09:56.08ML2.1 NORTHERN ITALY
  34 km Bologna
 226 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   20:51:54.58ML2.4 NORTHERN ITALY
  32 km Bologna
 225 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   20:48:12.419ML2.0 CRETE, GREECE
  15 km Pýrgos
  47 km Irákleion
earthquake2015-02-17   20:47:01.111ML2.0 NORTHERN ITALY
  35 km Bologna
 227 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   20:36:49.79ML2.4 NORTHERN ITALY
  36 km Bologna
 228 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   20:27:41.635mb4.0 NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
  82 km Miyako
 148 km Morioka-shi
earthquake2015-02-17   20:16:25.23mb2.4 OKLAHOMA
  10 km Stillwater
  92 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2015-02-17   20:13:31.76ML2.7 WESTERN TURKEY
  22 km Emet
  94 km Bursa
earthquake2015-02-17   20:01:07.010ML2.3 NORTHERN ITALY
  34 km Bologna
 225 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   19:55:06.714mb4.3 PAPUA, INDONESIA
 291 km Manokwari
1005 km Dili
earthquake2015-02-17   19:54:00.516ML2.1 NORTHERN ITALY
  33 km Bologna
 226 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   19:48:56.7153mb4.6 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
 397 km Sola
 680 km Honiara
earthquake2015-02-17   19:43:25.53ML2.6 OKLAHOMA
  18 km Helena
  23 km Enid
earthquake2015-02-17   19:42:53.67ML3.9 NORTHERN ITALY
  36 km Bologna
 227 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   19:36:54.04mb2.6 OKLAHOMA
   7 km Stillwater
  76 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2015-02-17   18:52:44.016ML2.0 CRETE, GREECE
  24 km Tympáki
  53 km Irákleion
earthquake2015-02-17   18:51:58.023mb4.2 OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
 274 km Kamaishi
 336 km Sendai-shi
earthquake2015-02-17   18:35:18.325mb4.2 OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
 112 km Miyako
 181 km Morioka-shi
earthquake2015-02-17   18:27:40.69ML2.2 WESTERN TURKEY
  24 km Nallıhan
  69 km Bolu
earthquake2015-02-17   18:14:14.68ML2.6 NORTHERN ITALY
  34 km Bologna
 226 km Milan
earthquake2015-02-17   17:56:05.410ML2.0 SOUTHERN ITALY
  14 km Isernia
  44 km Campobasso
earthquake2015-02-17   17:19:48.72ML2.8 POLAND
   9 km Rudna
   5 km Polkowice
earthquake2015-02-17   17:13:19.14ML3.6 OKLAHOMA
   6 km Helena
  28 km Cherokee
earthquake2015-02-17   17:00:04.610mb4.3 OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
 109 km Miyako
 175 km Morioka-shi
earthquake2015-02-17   16:59:15.411ML2.0 SOUTHERN ITALY
  16 km Potenza
 311 km Roma
earthquake2015-02-17   16:50:19.64ML2.5 SOUTHERN GREECE
  75 km Gýtheion
 111 km Sparta
earthquake2015-02-17   16:49:53.910mb4.0 REVILLA GIGEDO ISLANDS REGION
 363 km Cabo San Lucas
 509 km La Paz
earthquake2015-02-17   16:45:43.44ML2.5 OKLAHOMA
  12 km Perry
 105 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2015-02-17   16:36:17.117ML2.1 EASTERN TURKEY
  16 km Karlıova
  57 km Erzurum
earthquake2015-02-17   16:33:20.22Mw5.5 OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
 150 km Miyako
 219 km Morioka-shi
earthquake2015-02-17   16:21:29.56ML2.7 OKLAHOMA
  15 km Cherokee
 174 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2015-02-17   16:19:12.053ML3.4 TARAPACA, CHILE
  61 km Iquique
 406 km La Paz
earthquake2015-02-17   16:13:44.914ML2.0 EASTERN TURKEY
  14 km Çüngüş
  39 km Elazığ
earthquake2015-02-17   15:55:26.0112ML2.8 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
 176 km San Pedro de Atacama
 193 km Antofagasta
earthquake2015-02-17   15:21:48.34ML3.0 OKLAHOMA
   5 km Perkins
  11 km Stillwater
earthquake2015-02-17   14:35:55.094Mw5.4 VALPARAISO, CHILE
  47 km San Felipe
 125 km Santiago
earthquake2015-02-17   13:41:37.02mb4.5 SOUTHERN IRAN
  78 km Kermān
 509 km Shīrāz
earthquake2015-02-17   13:40:27.0279mb4.2 JUJUY, ARGENTINA
  52 km Abra Pampa
 193 km Tarija
earthquake2015-02-17   13:23:55.928MD2.8 PUERTO RICO REGION
  75 km Tierras Nuevas Poniente
  87 km San Juan
earthquake2015-02-17   13:17:42.712ML3.9 HAWAII REGION, HAWAII
  51 km Kailua-Kona
 133 km Wailuku
earthquake2015-02-17   13:14:21.610mb4.7 UNIMAK ISLAND REGION, ALASKA
 120 km Akutan
2876 km Vancouver
earthquake2015-02-17   12:40:37.710ML2.8 NEVADA
  70 km Lakeview
 298 km Carson City
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world