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earthquake2014-10-23   13:07:09.610mb4.2 ICELAND
 129 km Höfn
 201 km Reykjavík
earthquake2014-10-23   12:18:33.848Mw5.4 SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS
 620 km Whakatane
1033 km Wellington
earthquake2014-10-23   11:22:13.712ML3.0 CYPRUS REGION
  29 km Peyia
  38 km Paphos
earthquake2014-10-23   10:55:09.01ML2.4 NEVADA
  67 km Lakeview
 303 km Carson City
earthquake2014-10-23   10:41:44.5120ML3.8 TARAPACA, CHILE
 136 km Iquique
 453 km Sucre
earthquake2014-10-23   09:56:44.086mb4.7 BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.G.
 105 km Panguna
 418 km Kokopo
earthquake2014-10-23   09:50:16.4120mb4.9 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES
  32 km Caburan
 142 km Davao
earthquake2014-10-23   09:48:45.410M 4.1 ICELAND
 210 km Reykjavík
earthquake2014-10-23   09:31:36.049ML3.1 OFFSHORE ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
  76 km Tocopilla
 140 km Iquique
earthquake2014-10-23   08:57:31.615ML2.5 CYPRUS REGION
  56 km Limassol
  89 km Nicosia
earthquake2014-10-23   08:53:57.310Md2.5 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
 146 km San Juan
  85 km Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands
earthquake2014-10-23   08:53:26.1241ML3.2 SOUTHERN ITALY
  65 km Cosenza
 110 km Catanzaro
earthquake2014-10-23   07:41:54.7111Md3.1 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC REGION
  55 km Boca de Yuma
  83 km Salvaleón de Higüey
earthquake2014-10-23   07:06:03.35mb3.0 OKLAHOMA
  32 km Enid
 132 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2014-10-23   06:59:21.7110mb5.2 HALMAHERA, INDONESIA
  75 km Tobelo
 279 km Manado
earthquake2014-10-23   06:29:11.41ML2.4 NEVADA
  87 km Alamo
 112 km Tonopah
earthquake2014-10-23   06:27:02.110mb4.6 ICELAND
 219 km Reykjavík
earthquake2014-10-23   06:25:03.070ML2.6 VALPARAISO, CHILE
  26 km La Ligua
  99 km Valparaíso
earthquake2014-10-23   06:06:23.32mb2.7 OKLAHOMA
  24 km Pawnee
 114 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2014-10-23   05:59:56.12ML3.0 WESTERN TURKEY
  24 km Antalya
 329 km Nicosia
earthquake2014-10-23   05:55:50.085ML2.8 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
 130 km Antofagasta
 651 km Sucre
earthquake2014-10-23   05:51:48.6529mb4.8 FIJI REGION
 214 km Lambasa
 287 km Suva
earthquake2014-10-23   05:37:52.622MD2.3 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
  31 km Rio Dell
  59 km Eureka
earthquake2014-10-23   05:32:08.820ML3.0 STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR
  48 km Tirhanimîne
  97 km Taza
earthquake2014-10-23   05:28:30.925ML3.0 WESTERN TURKEY
  27 km Antalya
 331 km İzmir
earthquake2014-10-23   05:26:08.410ML2.4 CRETE, GREECE
  17 km Chaniá
 118 km Irákleion
earthquake2014-10-23   04:10:44.310ML2.6 GREECE
  23 km Argostólion
 113 km Pátra
earthquake2014-10-23   04:05:35.630mb4.9 SOUTHWESTERN KASHMIR
  82 km Muzaffarābād
 122 km Srīnagar
earthquake2014-10-23   03:45:31.72ML1.6 SWITZERLAND
   3 km Chippis
   6 km Leuk
earthquake2014-10-23   03:36:13.19mb2.5 OKLAHOMA
   6 km Luther
  32 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2014-10-23   03:32:34.82ML2.7 TURKEY-IRAN BORDER REGION
  38 km Salmās
  46 km Özalp
earthquake2014-10-23   02:58:35.14mb2.7 OKLAHOMA
  20 km Crescent
  34 km Guthrie
earthquake2014-10-23   02:56:00.016ML3.1 SICILY, ITALY
  50 km Acquedolci
  72 km Messina
earthquake2014-10-23   02:47:00.05mb2.7 KANSAS
  18 km Anthony
 176 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2014-10-23   02:15:28.860mb4.9 TONGA
 291 km Gataivai
 326 km Apia
earthquake2014-10-23   02:05:51.620ML3.9 WEST OF GIBRALTAR
  45 km Sagres
 135 km Faro
earthquake2014-10-23   01:44:43.2115ML3.8 TARAPACA, CHILE
 160 km Calama
 165 km Iquique
earthquake2014-10-23   01:37:00.010mb4.2 ICELAND
 217 km Reykjavík
earthquake2014-10-23   01:25:52.15mb2.3 OKLAHOMA
  15 km Guthrie
  33 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2014-10-23   01:25:30.629Md3.0 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
 131 km San Juan
  80 km Road Town
earthquake2014-10-23   01:13:16.19ML2.9 GREECE
  23 km Argostólion
 113 km Pátra
earthquake2014-10-23   01:07:49.75Md2.8 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
 114 km San Juan
  72 km Road Town
earthquake2014-10-23   00:53:41.329ML4.1 TAIWAN
   7 km Lugu
  20 km Douliu
earthquake2014-10-23   00:35:37.49Ml2.6 SANTA BARBARA CHANNEL, CALIF.
  20 km Solvang
  43 km Santa Barbara
earthquake2014-10-23   00:30:03.916ML2.0 SOUTHERN ITALY
  30 km Cosenza
  51 km Catanzaro
earthquake2014-10-23   00:27:10.619ML2.4 SOUTHERN GREECE
  65 km Kíssamos
  82 km Chaniá
earthquake2014-10-23   00:21:24.291mb4.8 SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA
  97 km Vinchina
 186 km Copiapó
earthquake2014-10-23   00:09:40.111ML2.5 WESTERN TURKEY
  16 km Marmara
  28 km Tekirdağ
earthquake2014-10-23   00:01:18.759ML2.7 CRETE, GREECE
  37 km Palaiochóra
  78 km Chaniá
earthquake2014-10-22   23:48:07.75mb3.3 KANSAS
  18 km Anthony
 178 km Oklahoma City
earthquake2014-10-22   23:19:43.720ML2.9 CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN SEA
  60 km Plátanos
  96 km Chaniá
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world