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Moment tensors

Quick Moment Tensors

Several seismological institutes provide quick Moment Tensors solutions to the EMSC:

Full list of quick Moment Tensors

EMMA Database

The Earthquake Mechanisms of the Mediterranean Area (EMMA) database is a project to collect the focal mechanisms in the literature. The aim of the EMMA database is to provide a dataset of checked and verified focal mechanisms, also available with uniform formats and type of parameters (axes, nodal planes, moment tensor components). for more information, read this short description.

Two version developed in MS-ACCESS (Vannucci and Gasperini 2003 and 2004) and a package of routines to manage the focal mechanism parameter (Gasperini and Vannucci, 2003) are available. The last published version 2.2 (Vannucci and Gasperini, 2004) is available here.

Disclaimer from the authors:
The data are furnished freely as they are. The consequences of their use are completely under the responsibility of the user. Any warranty, either expressed or implied is excluded.

Access to EMMA database