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Introducing the Public Seismic Network, PSN

Introducing the Public Seismic Network, PSN


The Public Seismic Network (PSN) is dedicated to promoting public awareness and providing information about earthquakes. It was set up in 1990/91 by a group of enthusiasts in California. It is now a worldwide group which connects amateur seismologists, persons interested in earthquakes and seismic activity with information resources; from general history to detailed plans for constructing monitoring instruments and systems.

The network numbers some 111 stations (see the map at. http://www.sydneystormcity.com/map.htm)
Membership is free to anyone with an interest in the subject and an online forum is in place to exchange ideas on technical and earth-science related topics. A database is maintained where members may post event-data captured by their systems. www.seismicnet.com/cgi-dos/event.exe
New members are welcome, just follow the contact links via the site links above.


Andrew Little