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    About EMSC

Who are we?

Technical staff

Secretary General
Aurelien DUPONT
Seismologist / Software engineer
Charlotte FARRAS
14 years experience in web communication, specializing in social media management. Her skills cover crisis and mass media communication.
Software Engineer
15 years experience in computer science, specializing in Web technologies. In his previous experiences, Frobert developed web applications and technologies across a broad spectrum of industries, including tourism, telecommunications, finance, and internet publishing.
Matthieu LANDES
In charge for the last 14 years of the EMSC rapid earthquake information services. He masters operational seismology, crowdsourcing. His skills cover scientific programing, data analysis and programing in Python, C and SQL as well as Linux systems administration.
Environment, Resilience and Risk Engineer
With a master's degree in Engineering and Management of the Environment and Sustainable Development from the University of Technology in Troyes, Laura also has previous experience working on European Union projects. At EMSC, Laura is working on the European H2020 project IMPROVER, which has an overall objective to improve European critical infrastructure resilience to crises and disasters.
Frédéric ROUSSEL
Software Engineer/Webmaster
Frédéric is responsible for the technological development and implementation of EMSC websites and services as well as LastQuake Twitter service and smartphone application
Robert STEED
Software Engineer
Scientific programmer with a background in physics research and an interest in the application of the burgeoning field of data science to the improvement of information services. At the EMSC, he has created an advanced computer system for monitoring the flow of citizens to the EMSC website and correlating peaks in the website traffic to earthquakes (flash-sourcing). He also collaborates with the USGS institute on their similar project to detect peaks in the rates of Twitter messages related to earthquakes


EMSC Coordination Bureau

Contact Laboratory Country Function E-mail
Florian HASLINGER ETHZ Switzerland President
Bruno FEIGNIER DASE/LDG France First Vice-President
Rémy BOSSU EMSC France Secretary General

Current Composition of EMSC Executive Council

Contact Laboratory Country Function
Florian HASLINGER ETHZ Switzerland President
Bruno FEIGNIER DASE/LDG France First Vice-President
Rémy BOSSU EMSC France Secretary General
Emilio CARRENO IGN Spain Vice-President
Joachim SAUL GFZ Germany Vice-President
Alberto MICHELINI INGV Italy, Roma Vice-President
Mario LOCATI INGV Italy, Milano Vice-President
Constantin IONESCU INFP Romania Elected Member
Susana CUSTODIO Lisboa Univ. Portugal Elected Member

Invited to the Executive Council

Contact Laboratory

Scientific Advisory Board

Contact Country
Domenico GIARDINI Switzerland
Mike JOST Germany (GERESS)
Edward KISSLING Switzerland
Jens HAVSKOV Norway
Roel SNIEDER Netherlands

ORFEUS-EMSC Coordinating Committee

Contact CountryFunction
Wolfgang LENHARDT Austria Chairman
Florian HASLINGER Switzerland
Rémy BOSSU France
Alberto MICHELINI Italy
Jan ZEDNIK Czech Republic