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Seismology Lectures

Please find below all the keynote lectures given during the ESC2010 in Montpellier, France (6-10 September 2010) The aim of each keynote is to provide an overview on a given topic, explaining the recent advancements, presenting the current issues, and the possible way forward. The main targets are Earth scientists from neighbouring fields rather than the specialists of the domain. We hope you will enjoy this broad range of topics, from tectonics to sociology.

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TectonicsGeodynamics of the Alboran Sea.G. Bokelmann, E. Maufroy, L. Buontempo, J. Morales, G. Barruolicon pdf
TectonicsHervé Philip: a summary of his contribution to Seismotectonics and PaleoseismologyJ-F. Ritzicon pdf
TectonicsSeismic anisotropy and the signature of rifting in AfricaJ-M Kendallicon pdf
TectonicsThe Quaternary activity of the Levant Fault: progresses and challenges.Y. Klingericon pdf
TectonicsThe North African margin (Western Mediterranean Sea): Structure, evolution, and active deformation.J. Déverchèreicon pdf
TectonicsGeodynamic of the MediterraneanC. Faccennaicon pdf
SeismologyThe use of noise in seismologyM. Campilloicon pdf
SeismologyEarthquake dynamics and seismic source inversionR. Madariaga, S. Ruiz, M. Lancieriicon pdf
SeismologyThe use of GPS in seismologyA. Ganasicon pdf
SeismologyMachine Learning, Data Mining and Intelligent Data Analysis in SeismologyM. Ohrnbergericon pdf
SeismologyThe challenges of integrating European earthquake seismological data (followed by a discussion)T. Van Eckicon pdf
SeismologyRelation between Slow Slip events and Nonvolcanic TremorN. Shapiro, V. Kostoglodov, A. Husker, J. Payero, M. Campillo, N. Cotte, R. Claytonicon pdf
SeismologyEarthquake Early warningA. Zolloicon pdf
SeismologySeismic tomography in transitionG. Noleticon pdf
SeismologySite effects: Impact, advances and challengesP. Y. Bardicon pdf
SeismologyArchaeoseismology - How quantitative does it have to be?K-G. Hinzenicon pdf
SeismologyInjection-induced seismicity: Placing the problem in perspectiveN. Deichmann, K. F. Evansicon pdf
SeismologyGround rotations: what do they tell us, that we did not know before?H. Igel, D. Kurrle, J. Wassermann, U. Schreiber, F. Vernon, A. Ferreiraicon pdf
SeismologyThe Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban-Treaty (CTBT). Progress and Achievements in Verification Science and TechnologiesL. Zerboicon pdf
Recent EarthquakesWhat do the 1999 Izmit and Düzce earthquakes tell us about the mechanics of the North Anatolian fault?M. Aktar, M. Bouchonicon pdf
Recent EarthquakesRupture history and source complexity of the 2009 L'Aquila earthquakeM. Coccoicon pdf
Recent EarthquakesThe M 7.1. 4 September Darfield earthquake. New Zealand: Preliminary observationsR. Langridge 
Earth's responseSeismo-acoustic signatures from near surface phenomenaL. Cerannaicon pdf
Earth's responseSetting up tsunami warning systems in the Euro-Mediterranean regionF. Schindeléicon pdf
In situ LabSpatio-temporal evolution of volcano seismicity: laboratory simulationsP. Meredith, P. Bensonicon pdf
In situ LabBeyond plate tectonics: the interseismic, transient mechanical processes of fault systems revealed by near-field observatoriesP. Bernardicon pdf
In situ LabOilfield seismology in the 21st century: the marriage of reflection and earthquake seismologyS. Wilsonicon pdf
Eng. SeismologyUncertainties in Seismic Hazard Analysis, High-Dimensional Visualization and Information TheoryF. Scherbaumicon pdf
SocietyAcceptance of Risk: How people perceive and evaluate threats to their health and environmentO. Rennicon pdf
SocietySeismic Risk Analysis of the Basel Geothermal (EGS) ProjectS. Baisch, C. Martin and the SERIANEX groupicon pdf
SocietyRapid Characterization of Earthquakes Using Social NetworksP. Earle, M. Guyicon pdf