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Donate to EMSC

EMSC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which offers free public earthquake information services.
Throughout the year, EMSC presents real-time information about earthquakes to millions of people around the world. In the name of the scientific and general interest, it provides free of charge e-mail, SMS alerts, data streams and, more recently, a smartphone app.

Every time an earthquake strikes,
we are right there with you
We alert you in real time, we gather testimonies about the shaking you just felt, we reach out to your loved ones

Every time an earthquake strikes,
you are right there with us
Your testimony, experience and perspective are the engine of our organization

Support the EMSC
Join the supportive community we are building and become a Citizen Seismologist! You have something unique to share and a fertile ground to build your skills of resilience by engaging with the seismology community and improving your earthquake preparedness and response.

Our mission and vision
go beyond just sharing information
We are committed to build community, standing side-by-side with citizens living in earthquake-prone regions and reassuring their loved ones in case of an earthquake

Donations are a very important funding source
for our projects
Thanks to you, EMSC will get the needed resources for innovative and non-profit developments

The biggest uplift to making earthquake-proof a city is the foundation of community resilience.
You can start building it here, today.

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How do I donate?

You can donate with Paypal even without having a Paypal account. Check the instructions in the FAQs.

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Please note that even small donations of a few Euros (from many people) make a valuable and significant contribution to our maintaining the service.


Why should I donate to the EMSC?
EMSC is a non-profit scientific organisation which develops its new services from research projects and provides rapid public earthquake information for people all over the world, free of charge and free of advertising.

What is our donor privacy policy?
We are serious about protecting the privacy rights of our donors. We do not share, sell, or trade your personal information with anyone. We only collect from Paypal, your amount gift, your country and your name/comment if accepted.

Can I donate without a Paypal account?
Yes, you don’t need a Paypal account to make a donation:
1. Fill the EMSC form on the right.
2. Click on the PayPal “Donate” button.
3. Choose “Pay with a debit or credit card” and fill the form.
If you want to use another way to donate, please contact us:

Donor Comments

CroatiaGreat work! Thank you 03 Apr 2023
NetherlandsHope you can keep up the good work08 Feb 2023
CroatiaThank you for the great service. You have been with me ever since the Fukushima. Keep up the good work. Salut de Zagreb, Croatie!04 Mar 2021
CroatiaGreetings from Croatia. You have been our best friends for almost a year, thank you for all that you do. Best from Zagreb28 Feb 2021
CroatiaThank you!15 Feb 2021
CroatiaThanks and greetings from Sisak15 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for your service in this dire times15 Jan 2021
Trager Rado¿evi VanjaCroatiaThank you for keeping up the good work.12 Jan 2021
CroatiaThanks for keeping us sane and cheers from Zagreb.11 Jan 2021
marincil kresimirCroatiaThnx. Someone who helps.11 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for patiently enduring us these days11 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you from Zagreb!11 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you guys10 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for keeping up the good work.10 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for everything you're doing!09 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for your hard work08 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for your amazing work06 Jan 2021
CroatiaSorry for clogging you servers.06 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for your service. 06 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you from Zagreb06 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for your service.06 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for everything.06 Jan 2021
MIHELCIC DUBRAVKACroatiaThank you for your service, and i hope that donation will help you little bit06 Jan 2021
Switzerland����06 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you from Varaždin!05 Jan 2021
Ugarkovic GordanCroatiaA donation to help you cope with the edginess of my Croatian compatriots who have been on the edge for the last 9 months (as have I been), although I'm not currently using the app, only your twitter.05 Jan 2021
CroatiaThanks for good work and great app. keep it up. Zagreb04 Jan 2021
CroatiaThanks04 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for your helpful service04 Jan 2021
Topalovic IrenaCroatiaThank you EMSC being with us in hard times. Regards from Croatia04 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you ❤04 Jan 2021
CroatiaKeep up the good work. Thanks from Croatia!04 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for providing such a great service, keep up and hope this little helps 04 Jan 2021
CroatiaFrom Croatia with love04 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you so much for your work and patience for Croatian citizens. Ps you rock – we roll;( ;)04 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you for your service!02 Jan 2021
CroatiaThank you!01 Jan 2021
CroatiaA big thanks from Zagreb!31 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you31 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you do much!31 Dec 2020
RUNJE IvanCroatiaThank You from Croatia!31 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you for your amazing service31 Dec 2020
Pavlini KajaCroatiaThank you so much for your work ❤30 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you! ♥30 Dec 2020
United KingdomA godsend!30 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you from Croatia30 Dec 2020
CroatiaCROATIA is grateful for what you do. Please keep it up!30 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you30 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you for all your hard work! Sending love from shaken Croatia! N.30 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you from Croatia!30 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you EMSC!30 Dec 2020
AustriaThank you for all you do30 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you, much love from Zagreb , Croatia <3!!30 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you from Croatia29 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you, Zagreb 29 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you from Croatia 29 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you.29 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank You for amazing job! Keep it up! Greetings from Croatia29 Dec 2020
CroatiaThanks for all the info. Fear would be much bigger without you29 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you for your hard work. Sad to see so little donations. Hopefully it improves :) -Seb29 Dec 2020
Zaimovi RenatoGermanythanks 29 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you for your helpful service29 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you for your service.29 Dec 2020
CroatiaThank you for your service!29 Dec 2020
Gabrek ViktorijaCroatiaVery happy to help you!29 Dec 2020
CroatiaGreetings from Zagreb13 May 2020
CroatiaMany thanks Fred! 28 Apr 2020
CroatiaThanks for your service and support in hard times! Zagreb27 Apr 2020
CroatiaThanks and regards from Zagreb! #Fred_is_on_it Go Fred!24 Apr 2020
CroatiaThank you for everything!24 Apr 2020
CroatiaThank you from Zagreb!24 Apr 2020
CroatiaLove from Zagreb. (I don't leave comments in the app, but I see your pain, so donating for my panicking neighbors:)24 Apr 2020
CroatiaThank you from all of us in Zagreb. You have been our only true friend.24 Apr 2020
CroatiaThanks from croatia24 Apr 2020
CroatiaThank you for your work, you’re great!24 Apr 2020
CroatiaFor Fred from Croatia <323 Apr 2020
CroatiaKeep on!23 Apr 2020
Bozic NiksaCroatiaThanks for your service. Greetings from Malarm, Croatia. 23 Apr 2020
Dreta TomislavCroatiaFrom Zagreb with love ��23 Apr 2020
Croatia<3 from Zagreb23 Apr 2020
CroatiaThank you,23 Apr 2020
Bukal MajaCroatiaKisses from Zagreb, Fred :)23 Apr 2020
Paleka JosipaCroatiaKeep up the good work, make sure Fred gets a raise! <323 Apr 2020
CroatiaGreetings from Zagreb, Croatia! Thank you for keeping us informed. Sorry, Fred!23 Apr 2020
Bacelic SlavenCroatiaThank you EMSC23 Apr 2020
CroatiaBig thank you from Zagreb. Keep those servers running :)23 Apr 2020
Trager Rado¿evi VanjaCroatiaLove from Zagreb, Croatia big THX 23 Apr 2020
ila¿ JerkoCroatiaThanks for the service! �� 23 Apr 2020
CroatiaThank you EMSC23 Apr 2020
GermanyHappy to help this great project. Using it very often in Taiwan.23 Apr 2020
Horvat RenataCroatiaThank you, EMSC. Zagreb loves you.23 Apr 2020
CroatiaAwesome app, awesome service!29 Mar 2020
CroatiaThank you25 Mar 2020
stefanovic goranCroatiaafter the earthquake in Zagreb, the application worked terribly slow and was unusable! I hope a small donation will help to prevent this from happening again elsewhere!25 Mar 2020
CroatiaThank you!25 Mar 2020
CroatiaThank you for your service!25 Mar 2020
CroatiaAwesome service!24 Mar 2020
CroatiaFrom Croatia with love24 Mar 2020
CroatiaThank you for great info. 24 Mar 2020
Uzelac NinoCroatiaThank you EMSC <324 Mar 2020
CATHERINE MACRALLUnited StatesPaul Earle's membership fee13 Jan 2020
Vorfa ErihAlbaniaThank you29 Nov 2019
SloveniaThanks, guys, you rock!28 Nov 2019
Mane KlintAlbaniaMuch love from Albania28 Nov 2019
Bubien WalterUnited StatesUsefull and acurate program. No issues so far :)23 Jun 2019
United StatesPaul Earle membership19 Mar 2019
United KingdomKeep up the good work.10 Feb 2018
Cooper KevinAustraliaHaving just installed a Raspberry Shake seismograph, I use you web site to confirm possible earthquakes registations.26 Sep 2017
Li LiChinaWell done! your earthquake report help me to predict the earthquake, such as the Chile and Italy earthquake. Hope the before shock warning can help people. https://www.facebook.com/groups/192673944 02 Apr 2017
United StatesI live five miles above the big sandy. San andreas fault. 12 Jan 2017
United StatesGreatly appreciate the data provided14 Dec 2016
QatarKeep the good work. We pray all be safe07 Nov 2016
United KingdomThank you for the information you give to the people!02 Nov 2016
ItalyThank you for helping me through the Central Italy tremors with valuable information to relay to friends and family in the area. 24 Aug 2016
ItalyGrazie24 Aug 2016
manousos emmanuelGreecethank you30 Jul 2016
Sengupta DeepanjanIndiaEarthquakes have become quite frequent in the Indian Subcontinent and it's important to keep ourselves updated. I fully support the cause of being alert and prepared for Earthquakes and their effects.13 Apr 2016
Sengupta DeepanjanIndiaEarthquakes in the Indian Subcontinent has become really frequent and it's important to keep ourselves updated. I fully support the cause of being alert and prepared for Earthquakes and its effects.13 Apr 2016
Bronzino MarioUnited KingdomBest website ever. I spend some time every day on it.07 Jan 2016
United StatesWe in Nepal have appreciated your information throughout the Nepal earthquakes. Thank you!08 Jun 2015
United StatesGive helpful info to children. They need idea data.26 Apr 2015
Huckeby GaryUnited StatesGGMAN Love this software the timming is perfect for this. Great job guy's only wish the audible alert will work when the browser is closed.28 Jan 2015
GreeceKeep up the good work!28 Nov 2014
GermanyAfter growing up in SoCal, I have always been interested in earthquakes! Thanks for your hard work!!25 Nov 2014
United KingdomLook forward to the app. Your data is so up to the minute. A big bonus for the amateur 'quake catcher. 08 Jun 2014
Fah-Ok CynthiaUnited StatesThank you for your hard work on a meaningful app!25 May 2014
Papas KostasGreeceExcellent Job, continue to evolve and provide your valuable services06 Feb 2014
Vassis GeorgiosGreecekeep on, fantastic job !!26 Jan 2014
United KingdomLiving & working in Greece I find your info so interesting and necessary for the future. Thank you for all your work. 20 Nov 2013
CanadaKeep Up the Good Work!18 Nov 2013
Dixon GuyUnited Arab EmiratesKismet13 Nov 2013
Georgiades ConstantinUnited Arab EmiratesFor all the donors, I hope this app will be for free13 Nov 2013
GreeceKeep up with the good work guys!!!12 Nov 2013
baturi vitoItalyGreat and comprehensive service. Thanks for this12 Nov 2013
Francedo not desappear !12 Nov 2013
United KingdomFor all the donors I hope the app will be free to download.12 Nov 2013
stella antoninoGermanyantonino stella, italy29 Oct 2013
Moshou AlexandraGreeceThanks for your service!!18 Oct 2013
BONDI SERGIOItalyAd maiora !18 Oct 2013
IrelandWell worth supporting17 Oct 2013
Greece'keep walking'17 Oct 2013
CyprusLiving in an earthquake zone means I need to be informed. EMSC keeps me up to date. Please keep up the good work.17 Oct 2013
Giannoutsos KostasGreecekeep on doing the great job16 Oct 2013
Lucic RankoBosnia and HerzegovinaGreat service, it would be better to develop an application for android !!16 Oct 2013
Magnanego FabioItalyVery nice and useful site16 Oct 2013
Leboucher HerveGreeceVous voil partis dans de nouveaux projets et nous nous en rjouissons.16 Oct 2013
KazakhstanKeep up the amazing work! Mobile app would be very useful.16 Oct 2013
Barvinenko SergeyRussiaThank you for your service20 Sep 2013
Barvinenko SergeyRussiaGreat service05 Sep 2013
borchert frankGermanyVielen Dank fr diese Seite! I'm in greece right now... a lot of moves all around. thank you to know the details about.10 Aug 2013
Baldwin GaryUnited KingdomGreat site, Thanks for all your hard work25 Jun 2013
MalaysiaMay god bless you!13 May 2013
RussiaThank you for your service.22 Mar 2013
 RussiaTo use and handle with your site is the Pleasure and comfort guaranteed by staff’s skills and competence based on knowledge, logic and intuition.18 Feb 2013
KazakhstanThank you for your work! Number 1 source for quake info.29 Jan 2013
Barvinenko SergeyRussiaThank you for your service.21 Jan 2013
Barvinenko SergeyRussiaThank you for your service.06 Dec 2012
GermanyThank you - its a simple overview to get newest information.16 Nov 2012
United KingdomThanks for a great service12 Nov 2012
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Barvinenko SergeyRussiaGreat thank you for your great resource and support. Sergey Barvinenko from Russia, St.Petersburg25 Sep 2012
KANAZAWA KINJIJapanみんなが賢くなるシステムに乾杯。金澤忻二 (Cheers to a system where everyone is getting smarter. 忻 two Kanazawa)06 Sep 2012
ItalyGreat Website, I live in the south of Italy and need to keep updated, Thnx Guys31 May 2012
SwitzerlandThank you for the great service! 30 May 2012
FranceI really like your site, thank you and keep up the good work!30 May 2012
AustraliaGreat Service!30 May 2012
BulgariaThanks for the great site. Continue with the great work.30 May 2012
Lichev KamenBulgariaSite was not accessible during the Bulgaria 5.6 mag quake on 22 May 2012. We need to improve the connectivity :)22 May 2012
ArmeniaVery operative and processional website. Good job! 29 Mar 2012
KazakhstanThanks for your work!15 Nov 2011
Turkeygood site thnx27 Oct 2011
United StatesThank you, I appreciate the RSS feed used by thousands of QuakeWatch iPhone app users.28 May 2011
United StatesThank you. This web-site very much.08 May 2011
Aynac SaimeTurkeyVery usefull and easy to follow. Thanks.12 Apr 2011
United KingdomMerci, continuez de nous informer.19 Mar 2011
Curcio ValerioItalyI like this web-site very much!!!02 Sep 2010
United KingdomFantastic web-site which provides a platform to find information and to share personal experiences with the wider community and scientists through shaking reports and eyewitness pictures.30 Jun 2010
IrelandNew site very impressive. Thank you.30 Jun 2010
FranceThe First Gift10 Jun 2010