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Share Your Experience

Report for the following event:
  • 2015-03-14   13:48:27.3 (UTC)
  • Magnitude 4.5

You felt this earthquake. Tell us!

Example reports

I couldn't sleep that night so I layed in bed when a bang with a loud roar occured. Thr roar got louder until things started to sway and rattle. Books fell off my shelf and all pictures in my house were askew. I also felt the aftershock on the 5th of April.
كنت نائما بالحوش واحسست برجفة قوية ازعجتني بعدها سمعت طقطقة الباب بجانبي وعرفت انها هزة ثم سمعت اصواتا مثل صوت الرعد بعيد في مكان الزلزال .
οταν αρχιζει η δονηση,ασυναισθητα ολοι τρεχουν να προστατευθουν κατω απο μπαλκονια και βεραντες,ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ


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Why is your contribution important?

Your observations can help improve earthquake response and also contribute to scientific knowledge. Observations (including questionnaires, pictures, etc.) can provide valuable in-situ constraints on earthquake effects and, in the long term, improve the performance of our models of earthquake impact.