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Earthquakes that matter

In an era of information overload, seismic data has not escaped the trend. So the app presents to non-scientists only the earthquakes relevant for them: the significant ones (felt and damaging) and the ones around them. While for those who would like to go further, all the earthquakes detected by instruments are also available.

Help the seismologists

Instruments provide the magnitude of earthquakes but they can't tell us about earthquakes' effects. Seismologists need witnesses' testimonies and photos to assess an earthquake’s impact (effects on buildings and landscapes). By just clicking on a simple illustration, users will be able to describe how they felt their earthquake and make valued contributions to our assessments.

Share with your community

Our users are also invited to send photos, videos and testimonies to the EMSC. In one click, LastQuake's users can share their testimonies with the EMSC seismologists but also with their friends on Facebook and their followers on Twitter. The pictures will be included with their post on both social networks.

This app has been developped with the help of the Fondation MAIF and the THALES Foundation

Want to know more about the citizen seismology? http://www.citizenseismology.eu/

The LastQuake's Features

Not simply presenting all the earthquakes, but the earthquakes relevant to you.

The significant earthquakes

The EMSC selects for you the earthquakes of general interest from among the 35000 events happening each year. These earthquakes are those identified by the EMSC seismologists to have been felt
by people.

Easy to Customize

Set your own parameters for the earthquakes displayed in the "around me" section: distance, magnitude. You can also connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share your experience with friends and followers. This app offers two versions: English and French.

Share with us, it helps.
A lot.

If you felt an earthquake, just by clicking on an image representing the way you felt it, you help the seismologists in the earthquake's assessment. We also need photos of damage and effects on landscape when they occurredof damage and effects on landscape when they occurred.

Be alerted

You will receive notifications about destructive earthquakes and earthquakes around you that you could have felt. Each type of notification can be activated or deactivated.


LastQuake is available in :

    Albanian • Arabic • Bulgarian • Chinese • English • Farsi • French • German
    Greek • Haitian Creole • Hindi • Hungarian • Indonesian • Italian • Polski
    Portuguese • Romanian • Russian • Spanish • Tagalog • Turkish


In order for our app to work optimally, we require a certain number of access permissions. Please note that data is not used for commercial purposes, but only for scientific purposes, such as for seismic risk reduction and to inform local populations.


entering your e-mail address is optional but enables you to fully use the app. It is required when you leave a comment on an earthquake you felt. Your email is used only for scientific purposes. We will contact you in case we need more details about a seismic event. Your email is never shared with third parties.


to access your relatives’ contact information in order to send a text message to say that you are safe through our Safety Check service


We need the user's location:

  • to send push notifications in the event of an earthquake near you
  • to identify earthquakes near you
  • to relay safety tips in case you are nearby an earthquake


to send a text message to reassure your relatives after a quake through our Safety Check service

Phone, device ID & call information

to identify your device to check if it is able to send text messages


to share videos/pics with EMSC


to share videos/pics with EMSC


to share videos/pics with EMSC


to share live videos with EMSC

Wifi connection information

to warn you that the app needs internet to work properly


to let LastQuake app send updates, and send push notifications in the event of an earthquake near you


With the support of THALES Foundation, LastQuake seeks to enable seismic risk reduction

LastQuake is a unique phone application providing seismological information in real-time. Our app only focusses on earthquakes felt by populations, and routinely delivers preliminary information in less than 2 minutes after the first felt tremors. There are currently 130,000 active users and our app is widely praised by the witnesses of earthquakes.

LastQuake is also remarkable for its ability to rapidly collect testimonials. Indeed, in Nepal, over 7 000 testimonies and 1 000 geolocated photos were collected during the devastating shock of 25 April 25th, 2015. After this crisis, Nepalese users expressed a wish to see safety instructions follow after an earthquake in LastQuake app. It is precisely on this point that the EMSC and THALES Foundation have decided to combine their expertise. Our common goal? Systematize the dissemination of early safety instructions that facilitate relief operations and reduce inappropriate behavior.

Together, we will contribute to people's resilience after earthquakes.

The THALES Foundation

Have a look

And share with your friends the launch of this amazing new app.
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Notification issue:

Freezing issue:

If LastQuake launches but you get a blank screen, try to remove the application cache.

GPS not found issue:

LastQuake uses the Global Positionning System (GPS) to get the best localisation available. If you are inside, GPS may not be available, try to go outside or near a window.


Version 2.1.0 | 13-09-2019

Version 2.0.0 | 04-03-2019

Thank you to:
Leo Lim and Amy Slayer (Tagalog translation)

Version 1.4.0 | 24-07-2018

Thank you to:
Manfred Rieser (German translation)

Version 1.3.4 | 06-12-2017

Thank you to:
Marleine and Rachid (arabic translation)

Version 1.3.2 | 26-06-2017

Thank you to:
Shengzao Chen (Chinese translation)
Stacey Martin, Vineet Gahalaut (hindi translation)

Version 1.3.0 | 01-03-2017

Thank you to:
Mr Mehdi Zare, Miss Farnaz Kamranzad, Mr Masoud Mojarab (Persian translation).
François Beauducel, Ahmad Ali Fahmi, Alix Triyanti (Indonesian translation).
And all other translators.

Version 1.2.2 | 06-12-2016

Version 1.2.0 | 13-09-2016

Version 1.1.2 | 26-07-2016

Version 1.1.1 | 19-11-2015

Version 1.1.0 | 11-09-2015

Version 1.0.4 | 09-12-2014

Version 1.0.3 | 09-10-2014

Thank you to: Christian W. for his help.

Version 1.0.1 | 01-07-2014

Thank you to: antonio (iOS) for his help and mustafa (Android) from KOERI (Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Institute). They helped us to fix the bugs of the first release.