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Share your pictures with EMSC from your smartphone

Example of pictures of damages provided by a witness of an earthquake (M8.8 earthquake that struck Chile on 27th February 2010).

The EMSC is experimenting with an application called RICHTER (Rapid geo-Images for Collaborative Help Targeting Earthquake Response) for Android mobile phones that allows earthquake eye-witnesses to easily and freely share their pictures of resulting damage with the EMSC (see examples on the right). The goal is to quickly characterize the impact of an earthquake and provide a portal for rapid visual assessment.

Using RICHTER is very easy. Simply start the RICHTER application and then take pictures of the earthquake damage or effects. RICHTER can automatically geo- and time- reference the photos you take. Geo-reference can be via built-in GPS when you are outside, or via the mobile networks directly, even many places inside. Once location is automatically determined, it will be embedded with exact time into the picture file. You only have to press one button to send both the picture and the geo-referencing information (time and position) to the EMSC. After validation, the collected pictures are then published on EMSC web site.

RICHTER will compress the pictures to use less than 30 KBytes of data, so transfer will be fast, not overload networks and low cost. However, sometimes photos contain information where we would wish to study it in the best quality. We may therefore request the full size image in these certain cases. This process is currently automatic and transparent for you, but you will be notified by SMS if this is requested.

The use of RICHTER is free of charge.

Download the RICHTER application via qrcode
  Download the RICHTER application via qrcode

Download the RICHTER application. Before installing the application on your phone, make sure you have enabled "Allow non-market applications" under Settings -> Applications

RICHTER currently runs on Android mobile phones and is developed by AnsuR Technologies in Norway.

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