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Date time2012-02-26 11:52:25.6 UTC
Location51.527 ; 16.127
Depth1 km
Distance35 km NNW of Legnica, Poland / pop: 106,000 / local time: 12:52:25.6 2012-02-26
15 km NNW of Lubin, Poland / pop: 77,500 / local time: 12:52:25.6 2012-02-26
All data providers for this event:
Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, German Regional Seismograph Network -- Hannover, Germany (BGR)
Further information can be found at:
Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences -- Prague, Czech Republic (GFU)
Institute of Physics of the Earth -- Brno, Czech Republic (IPEC)